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Pacific Dining Car, Los Angeles
Mood:  hungry
Topic: Good Food!
You never know who you might see there...
Address: 1310 West 6th street
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone: (213) 483-6000

Pacific Dining Car

submitted on November 5, 2008 11:16 AM EST
Name: Brad
Comments: "Meet me here at 11:37 on the dot kid. We've got business to discuss." "But wait--are they open--a fine dining steak house still open near midnight?" "Of course kid...they're open all night. And from the looks of it--we might be there til the sun rises..." That was my initial invition from my agent to the Pacific Dining Car years back. Well...maybe I am imagining it went exactly like that... Anyhow. This place served me -to this day-- the best steak I have ever had. I had it with crushed black peppercorns...out of this world. The potato? Perfect. Been back countless times and loved each visit. And I have yet to mention the important part--THE ATMOSPHERE. As a native I have a great pride for the culture of LA Noir. You know--"Sunset Blvd." etc... The Frolic Room. The LA that died in the 60's and gave way to the current hodge podge of wannabe rockers and models. Well--step inside The Dining Car (A staple since the beginning of the past century by the way--look it up) and feel the lost era "LA Confidential" so wonderfully restored on screen back in the mid 1990's (they filmed here). Come in late and have their filet & eggs. A great cut of meat and eggs how you want them for quite a bargain compared to their dinner filet (sure, smaller portion--but great flavor). The real special flavor of the meat comes from their secret--they age on premesis. I think that aging room (which I have toured thanks to my inside connections) holds a secret in the hard boiled atmosphere of years gone by. Lace up your oxfords. Put on your flannel suit. And leave your heater in the car. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

submitted on October 31, 2008 5:56 PM EST
Name: Alyssa
Comments: I prefer Pacific Dining Car to other fancy schmancy steakhouses. I forgot the name of the salad I get, but it's seriously good. (This is coming from a person not too fond of rabbit food) I always order either the prime rib or rib eye with lobster and find it very palatable. The asparagus is mediocre but who comes here for vegetables? I'm also not too fond of the crabcakes although it is stuffed full of huge chunks of crab. The bread they serve is wonderful and I have a hard time saving room for my steak. Make sure you check out all the dining sections because they offer a variant of ambiance.

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you saw it where?  Oh!  On the feed bag!! 
you saw it where?  Oh!  On thefeedbag!!   Eat at Joe's You can always buy bigger pants
you saw it where?  Oh!  On !!