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Welcome t'th' Mundy Night Friends Webpage!

If yo's havin' difficulties understandin's us, clicky here!

We is a group of friends thet meet on th' 1st an' 3rd Mundys of th' month. Between meetin's we read a small po'shun (usually about ha'f of a chapper o' less) of a book of th' Bible. At our Mundy night meetin's we all talk about whut we read an' discuss it all t' tarnation.

Our group has some great leaders, an' they take turns facilitatin' th' discusshuns. Etch meetin', one of us will brin' some snacks o' dessert. Sometimes we may take a bust fum th' studies an' jest haf a Pot Luck an' discuss whut book of th' Bible we sh'd study next.

We also use th' meetin's t'git caught up wif whut is gwine on in th' lives of our members. We all attend Yo'ba Linda Friends Church an' will offen see etch other at church.

Feel free t'look aroun' our Webpage! Eff'n yer in th' area, it'd be great t'see yo' at Yo'ba Linda Friends Church! Fry mah hide! Please stop in fo' a visit!  Yo' may be hankerin' t'make itcher church home!  Fry mah hide!

Please take a few minutes an' browse aroun' our church Website! It's easy! Fry mah hide!

Jest click!  y'fc.o'g .  Fry mah hide!

 Please use th' Navigashun Bar (located above, unner th' wo'd "Welcome") t'browse through our Webpage.

Yo' will be able t'see whut we is currently studyin', as wells as some previous studies. We also haf some study resources. Yo' may be hankerin' t'click on th' resources an' study along wif us! Please take advantage of th' resources!

Yo' will be able t'git t'knows a li'l bit mo'e about us an' how t'contack us.

We haf a Calendar of Events thet will give yo' a glimpse of our study plans as wells as some interestin' events thet may be a-comin' up at o' aroun' our church. Examples might be Car Shows, Free Welcome Brunches fo' visito's, Fambly Fun-Fess events wif games, rides an' attrackshuns. Thar may also be some local events posted at places like Biola Unyversity o' other nearby locashuns.

Thar is a Spotlight Page thet will look at whut is gwine on in th' life of someone in our community.

We also haf a Blog called "Th' Feed Bag" thet takes a light hearted look at our dinin' experiences aroun' town! Fry mah hide! In fack, we haf places t'leave comments all on over our webpages. They kin be used t'comment on gittin' fed at restaurants, at our Pot Lucks o' even in our studies!


Our Mundy Night Group of Friends!


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Please injoy lookin' aroun' our Webpage! Don't fo'git t'check out our Church Website as fine.


Church Service Times


Saturdy evenin' 6 PM

Sundy Mo'nin' 9 AM

Sundy Mo'nin' 10:45 AM


Sundy Mo'nin' 10:30 AM


Sundy Mo'nin' 10:45 AM

Yo'ba Linda Friends Church 5141 Lakeview Ave., Yo'ba Linda, CA

(714) 777-2875


you saw it where?  Oh!  On the feed bag!! 
you saw it where?  Oh!  On thefeedbag!!   Eat at Joe's  You can always buy bigger pants
you saw it where?  Oh!  On !!
you saw it where?  Oh!  On the feed bag!! 
you saw it where?  Oh!  On thefeedbag!!   Eat at Joe's You can always buy bigger pants
you saw it where?  Oh!  On !!